GeoFix is a multi-disciplinary and multi-commodity exploration and mining consultant drawing all over Indonesia. GeoFix is a relatively new enterprise established by a band of out of the box thinkers and doers with strong technical and managerial proven empirical track record in multi-commodity expertise with galvanized spirit and passion to Explore, Discover, Develop and Repeat including exploration-mining project due diligence and fix-up. With a band of highly skilled professionals as our core, GeoFix committed to maintain the highest standards and best practices, comply with the codes and related policies, furthermore we never compromise on safety, health and environment in doing our business. GeoFix is committed to implementing good corporate governance while achieving our business objectives in a honest, transparent and accountable way.

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To become world class center of excellence in One Stop Global Exploration and Project Development Services and Project Proprietary.


We support all scope of mining enterprises to unravel their proficiency to fix, build and enhance their asset's value through Explore, Discover, Develop and Repeat with the provision and of innovative, reliable and high quality of Services, Solutions Whilst Nourishing State of The Art Platforms and Ecosystems in Mining Industry.

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